Installation of Anaconda on Ubuntu 16.04

1. Download the latest Anaconda installer bash script from the official site to your desktop. 2. Change the directory to Desktop using the command . 3. Before installing the Anaconda, we need to verify it using SHA256 sum cryptographic hash verification method. Note: x,y,z should be replaced with the latest version of Anaconda. You’ll receive […]

To add the Custom shortcut key on the Sublime Text 3

Adding the shortcode to the sublime code is a pretty easiest job in the world. Step1: Go to preference from the menu and click on the key binding from the drop-down. A new sublime window will display as shown below. Step2: In the default sublime keymap- user window, enter your custom shortcut and command which […]


To increase upload_file_size in phpmyadmin

The default import file size of phpmyadmin is 2MB. We can increase that by changing the value in the upload_file_limit in the PHP configuration file. To do so, We need to find the exact configuration file in php. Create a php file as below. It will display the php information as shown below, form there […]

To install the Tsung on the Ubuntu

Before installing the Tsung we need to install the dependencies like Erlang, Gnuplot & perl in it. Here I’m using the Ubuntu(16.04) Machine for reference. Step 1: Install the Erlang on the ubuntu machine by using the command sudo apt-get install erlang. Step 2: Install the Perl using the command sudo apt-get install -y perl. […]


A Simple guide to .htaccess

Let us start with definition and usage. What is .htaccess?: .htaccess files (or “distributed configuration files”) provide a way to make configuration changes on a per-directory basis. A file, containing one or more configuration directives, is placed in a particular document directory, and the directives apply to that directory and all subdirectories thereof. Ref: About […]


Can’t send email to addresses at your own domain in GoDaddy

There are times you can’t send the emails to address at your own domain. But you can receive mails from the other Email clients like google, yahoo. etc. This is because of the  MX records setting in GoDaddy server. You’ve to enable the Remote Mail Exchanger. This can be done by using following steps. Step […]


Type of string in php

A lot of people wondering that the PHP has string types?. Well, The answer is Yes. Php has 4 type of string. each of those string types and different syntax and different behaviour as well. So, Let us gone through each type in details. PHP has 4 types of string. Single Quotes (Literal string) Double […]