To add the Custom shortcut key on the Sublime Text 3

Adding the shortcode to the sublime code is a pretty easiest job in the world. Step1: Go to preference from the menu and click on the key binding from the drop-down. A new sublime window will display as shown below. Step2: In the default sublime keymap- user window, enter your custom shortcut and command which […]


To increase upload_file_size in phpmyadmin

The default import file size of phpmyadmin is 2MB. We can increase that by changing the value in the upload_file_limit in the PHP configuration file. To do so, We need to find the exact configuration file in php. Create a php file as below. It will display the php information as shown below, form there […]

To install the Tsung on the Ubuntu

Before installing the Tsung we need to install the dependencies like Erlang, Gnuplot & perl in it. Here I’m using the Ubuntu(16.04) Machine for reference. Step 1: Install the Erlang on the ubuntu machine by using the command sudo apt-get install erlang. Step 2: Install the Perl using the command sudo apt-get install -y perl. […]